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Carpet Racking

Pallet racking can be modified to suit rolls of carpets which is a perfect solution for warehouses of flooring companies! Carpet Racking utilises adjustable Pallet Racking Frames and Beams in a wide range of configurations to accommodate a wide variety of carpet lengths and roll diameters.

What Makes Carpet Racking Different?

Rolls are typically loaded end-on into the Racking system via a specially designed attachment on the fork lift or reach truck and the 75mm slot pitch in the Frame Uprights allows Beam levels to be positioned specifically to suit differing rolls diameters maximising use of available height.

Beam levels can be decked with Chipboard, Timber, MDF, Open boarded timber decking/close boarded timber decking etc. to allow smaller carpets and off-cuts to be stored. This means it is ideal for storing large and small components.

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A Design to Suit Your Requirements

Each system can be designed on a bespoke basis, but there are similarities in many applications which include vinyl roll and artificial turf roll storage providing a good basis from which to start the design process. Second hand solutions are also available as it can be modified to suit your storage requirements.

Get in Touch with Advanced Handling & Storage

If you want to maximise your warehouse space through the use of second hand or new carpet racking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0800 345 7088 or send an email to [email protected]. We will ensure that your carpet storage will meet your requirements and help your business thrive.

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