Month: December 2013

Mezzanine Floors – Cost Effective?

Why move Premises When you can Utilise Mezzanine Floors? Mezzanine floors from Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd are an extremely cost effective means of improving the cubic space of your storage facility. So if you are running out of storage space don’t instinctively…

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Mesh Decks on the Racks

Deck the racks with bows and holly taralalala…..   Advanced Handling & Storage would like to wish all old, new and future customers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.   Watch out…

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Reclaim Your Wasted Space with Mezzanine Floors

Why Mezzanine Floors? Reclaim your wasted space with an affordable solution on mezzanine floors from Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd. We can offer a range of options that can transform your storage space. Our staff at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd…

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Designing a Mezzanine Floor

Need help creating, design & installing a Mezzanine Floor? Is a mezzanine floor right for you?  Don’t agonise, call our sales team where support is available wherever and however you need us.   Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd…

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The Only Way Is…. Upwards

The only way is upwards. Why? When a business becomes more successful, it tends to expand and with this there comes a greater sense of pressure upon storage facility and capacity.  As the pressure fluctuates on…

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