Month: August 2018

Types of Wire Mesh Decking

Wire decking is an often forgotten but essential accessory when it comes time to develop an effective pallet rack structure in your warehouse. If you’re working on the setup in your warehouse…

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Why Choose a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is one of the best solutions to utilise unused space in your factory or offices, Mezzanine floors can potentially double your existing production, storage, retail or office space. If…

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What’s The Top Pick For Your Warehouse?

Picking is one of the most basic and fundamental processes within the warehouse environment. However, whilst alone it is a simple function, picking relies heavily upon order profiling. Warehouse management systems, can…

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Man VS Machine: Who is responsible for safety in the warehouse?

Within the warehouse the number one concern is to protect personnel from potential accidents, injuries and fatalities. A number of different factors can contribute towards safety in the warehouse. This can include…

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External Racking

Question: I wish to install some adjustable pallet racking outside. We already have some indoor racking which complies with the SEMA code of practice and is inspected regularly. Are there an extra…

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Leading The Way For Warehouse Automation

Undeniably it will be warehouse automation that defines not only the future landscape for big warehousing, but also the winners and losers in the struggle to win online shoppers, particularly in the…

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Why Choose a Used Pallet Racking System?

Used, Second-Hand and Pre-Owned Pallet Racking, Pallet Racking Accessories and Shelving Systems are our specialism. With over 20 years knowledge and experience in purchasing and supplying new and used pallet racking and…

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The Different Types of Pallet Racking

At Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd we know we may sometimes bombard you with the different types of pallet racking systems we have! I am going to explain why we deal with…

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Mezzanine Flooring

Do you need more space? Are you currently looking to move premises? Well…STOP RIGHT THERE! Not only is moving office expensive, it is also time consuming and in most cases… a nightmare!…

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Why Choose Advanced Handling & Storage

Advanced Handling & Storage have been in the industry for over 20 years! We have established strong partnerships with an amount of blue chip companies all over the UK. We have been…

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