Month: February 2019

Carpet Racking

Pallet racking can be modified to suit rolls of carpets which is a perfect solution for warehouses of flooring companies! Carpet Racking utilises adjustable Pallet Racking Frames and Beams in a wide…

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What Pallet Racking Should You Get?

We know it can be confusing when you’re looking at pallet racking. There’s so many different systems which offer different solutions, and it’s not always clear what system will work best for…

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Ways to Add Space To Your Warehouse

If you have been looking for some new and innovative ways to save space in your warehouse for more stock, a new product line or additional materials for a large order, you…

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The Importance of Efficient Warehousing

With internet retailing rapidly expanding and placing increasing pressure on retailers, warehousing and distribution centres need to optimise the efficiency of their processes to respond quickly and flexibly to peaks and troughs…

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What you need to know before Ordering Pallet Racking

Anyone planning to purchase pallet racking needs to know the basic information that any supplier is going to need in order to offer a full quotation with no surprises. We will take…

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Pallet Rack Component Guide

Today we thought it would be great to go through the components of pallet racking with you to help you fully understand a system more! Have a look below and get in…

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Top 5 Most Common Warehouse Accidents and How to Prevent Them

No matter how much automation technology you have, your warehouse is virtually useless without your employees. Dedication to keeping them safe and injury-free is the key to a successful, productive warehouse. Below…

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Ways To Save Space In Your Warehouse or Distribution Centre

Over-aisle storage If you don’t already have storage above your aisles this is a great place to start finding space. Adding beams above cross-aisles can provide a significant number of new pallet…

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Stow Pallet Racking

Stow is one of the top warehouse pallet racking and warehouse shelving companies in Europe. They design and manufacture high quality and affordable equipment for customers all throughout Europe, Asia and the…

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What To Do With Idle Or Empty Pallets

Pallets. We love them—they help us get things done, they keep our items safe…and they’re kind of a pain when they’re not in use. Even the busiest warehouses find themselves dealing with…

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