Fire Resistance With Wire Decking

Fire Resistance With Wire Decking

Posted on 22nd July 2022

Gone are the days of hazardous wooden decking for pallet support in warehouses. With an increased importance on cleanliness and fire resistance, wire decking has fast become a first choice for all…

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Wire Warehouse Safety & Security

Posted on 29th April 2022

We understand that warehouse safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to running a large-scale business. Therefore, we strive to increase efficiency and improve storage density with wire warehouse safety…

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Do You Need Wire Decking?

Posted on 14th April 2022

At Advanced Handling & Storage we have the ideal storage solutions to solve all of your warehouse problems. We offer both new and used wire decking that can be fitted quickly to…

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Warehouse Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted on 21st March 2022

When it comes to warehouse operations, pallet racking is exactly what you need to get the job done efficiently and safely. As well as the many pallet racking options we have, we…

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Pallet Racking Protection Products

Posted on 7th March 2022

During warehouse business operations, it goes without saying that pallet racking works hard and takes a beating. Therefore it’s important to have proper protection to extend its lifespan and also keep staff…

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Advantages of Wire Decking

Posted on 24th January 2022

If you are looking to increase the safety of your warehouse, consider wire decking to enhance your pallet racking system. Wire decking is a low-cost pallet racking accessory that vastly improves warehouse…

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Our Pallet Racking Accessories From A-Z

Posted on 9th August 2021

There’s no better place to buy pallet racking than Advanced Handling & Storage. As well as pallet racking itself, we stock the best new and used pallet racking accessories to help you…

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Types of Mesh Decking

Posted on 12th July 2019

Mesh decking is an often forgotten but essential accessory when it comes time to develop an effective pallet rack structure in your warehouse. If you’re working on the setup in your warehouse…

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