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A-Safe Range

Posted on 10th April 2019

Here at Advanced we are proud to be approved providers of the renowned A-Safe Range. We can supply, deliver and install all of the A-Safe products that are available. A-Safe are inventors…

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Used HiLo Rack Plan

Posted on 9th April 2019

Used HiLo rack plan is another specialism of Advanced Handling and Storage. HiLo are another popular manufacturer of pallet racking. They are renowned for their great quality, range of systems and durability….

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New vs Used – The Pros and Cons

Posted on 8th April 2019

So you should know by now that not only can we supply new pallet racking… we also supply secondhand. We love dealing with secondhand racking here at Advanced but in today’s blog…

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Ways To Save Space In Your Warehouse or Distribution Centre

Posted on 5th April 2019

Over-aisle storage If you don’t already have storage above your aisles this is a great place to start finding space. Adding beams above cross-aisles can provide a significant number of new pallet…

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Pallet Rack Component Guide

Posted on 4th April 2019

Today we thought it would be great to go through the components of pallet racking with you to help you fully understand a system more! Have a look below and get in…

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Top 5 Most Common Warehouse Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Posted on

No matter how much automation technology you have, your warehouse is virtually useless without your employees. Dedication to keeping them safe and injury-free is the key to a successful, productive warehouse. Below…

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Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Posted on 2nd April 2019

Ask any small retail business owner in the UK what they would change about their brick and mortar retail location and many of them would say that they would want a better…

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Your Storage Needs to Work For You!

Posted on 1st April 2019

The warehouse is a core component that helps your business succeed. It is crucial to efficient use of warehouse space, and starts with installing the right pallet racking system. A well-designed pallet…

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