Cantilever Racking

An ideal solution for longer and heavier items can be the implementation of cantilever racking. Here at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd, you can even make a big saving by ordering second hand racking from our current stock.

Used racking comes into stock regularly after being quality checked and cleaned. It is then available for customers to meet their specific requirements and gives a saving of up to 40% compared to the cost of buying new.

Over the years we have supplied, delivered and installed many second hand racking systems to customers, which gives you the peace of mind that the system will be durable and safe to use from day one.

Technical Performance of Cantilever Racking

The typical products that cantilever stores are lengths from 10 metres and up to 30 tonnes in weight. This is why it is best to store long and bulky items. Materials such as timber, plywood, chipboard, steel and heavy piping and tubing are ideally stored in cantilever racking.

The arms on cantilever racking can be up to 2.4meters in length and can be adjusted to accommodate for all different lengths of stock. This will give you the ability to change the racking to provide storage space for any new stock that will arrive at your business.

The open-fronted design will speed up the entire picking process dramatically. This kind of racking is ideal for storing bundles of the same stock.



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Second Hand Cantilever Racking

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