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The foundations of Storax can be traced back more than 80 years. Since then, Storax pallet racking has taken the industrial world by storm through developing state-of-the-art storage solutions.

We have completed many installations with Storax pallet racking systems over the years and have witnessed the effectiveness of these systems throughout different industries, ranging from small to large operations. We are confident that there’s a solution to suit your budget, size and requirements.

SP Static Solutions

At Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd, we work closely with customers to design the ideal configuration of Storax pallet racking for their workplace. An excellent starting point is to view the SP Static Solutions range. This is where to find conventional racking that can be installed to fit your dimensions before being adjusted later.

The range also has the option for drive-in or drive-through racking. Drive-in is all about high-density storage of the same products. Meanwhile, drive-through will provide a second entry place for your forklift to deliver first-in-first-out access to stock. Longspan shelving provides another space-saving option in this factory racking range.

Accessibility can sometimes be sacrificed in high-density pallet racking, but not with Poweracks. One of these systems will place all of your pallets onto mobile bases. You can then use a remote control to have complete access to every pallet while fully maximising your available space.

Ranger is a solution where narrow racking tunnels are created in your warehouse or factory. Storax’s Ranger vehicle will then be used place and extract pallets on either a first-in-last-out or first-in-first-out basis.

Your Storax Solution

The versatility of new Storax pallet racking available from Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd allows our experts to tailor and configure layouts of pallet racking to suit your exact requirements. We can deliver directly to any UK location. We also offer a nationwide installation service by our SEIRS approved pallet racking installers.

The Pallet Racking People always have specialists on hand to discuss your unique requirements. Call one of our consultants today on 0800 345 7088 or email

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