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Posted on 14th July 2017

Ok, so you have had your pallet racking system installed now, BUT have you thought how powerful your system would be if you introduced pallet racking accessories.  Pallet racking is an investment and with all investments you want to take steps to ensure you protect it.  Pallet racking accessories will enhance the longevity of your storage system and increase functionality.

With the right kind of accessory you can optimise your pallet racking storage system to its full potential whilst increasing your commitment to Health and Safety and the wellbeing of your workforce.

If you are in a business where your working environment is a factory or a bustling warehouse you will appreciate how noisy and how confusing these environments can be for both staff and visitors to the site.  Continually moving vehicles and the noise of machinery and tools can often confuse the senses and with this comes the introduction of hazards.

As an employer of staff you are committed to do all you can in order to eliminate the risk or injury and fatality to your staff and any other persons on your site.  So, when having your new pallet racking storage system installed why not consider some of the following pallet racking accessories – they may save you money in the long run!

Safety Netting for Pallet Racking – This is a worthwhile investment:

Safety netting is a worthwhile investment for any business storing goods on pallet racking.  Netting will stop any items falling from the racks and injuring an employee.

Safety netting is pre-engineered and is easily fitted.  None corrosive unlike metal it will not dent and corrode over time.  Netting allows the free flow of light and air helping maintain a light and airy environment.

Mesh Decks – an ideal concept for cost effective storage:

An excellent solution to meet the requirements of fire risk assessments and fire plans mesh decks are an excellent solution to increase the usage of your pallet racks.  Mesh decking comes in a versatile range available in both standard and bespoke sizes. Suitable for both pallet racking and Longspan shelving; whether you intend to store pallets, boxes or garments there is always an option of mesh decks to suit your application.

Bollards – As an accredited supplier and distributor of the renowned A-Safe products here at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd we can vouch hand on heart for the effectiveness of the bollard system.  Fantastically flexible with amazing impact absorption capabilities bollards not only provide necessary protection for what they are installed to protect but also aids the protection for whatever has hit it for example a forklift truck.  So in turn a bollard system helps in the reduction and even removal of repair costs for what could be extensive damage to for example the forklift truck.

High in technical specification but low in cost with little or no maintenance required, means the bollards are cost effective way to protect your warehouse.  Highly visible with their bright colouring they are a fantastic addition to warehouse.

Rack End Barrier Systems – Prevention is always better than cure:

Another awesomely manufactured product by A-Safe is the rack end barrier.

As a result of our 20 years in business within the pallet racking and material handling industry, we have as a company experienced and practical knowledge of the potential dangers faced when working in a fast paced, noisy warehouse or factory environment.  For this reason, here at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd we highly recommend the use of the rack end barrier system.

To enhance our recommendation I ask you to consider a forklift colliding with a fully utilised racking system within your factory/warehouse…..Imagine the damage, damage to the stock and damage to your newly installed pallet racking system itself.

Rack end barriers absorb the impact of a collision and are extremely tough.  Suitable for all pallet racking systems they are highly visible but remain pleasing to the eye.  Strong and durable with flexibility they are a must have for any environment using a pallet racking system.

Rack Protectors – Accommodates every day bumps and robust in withstanding substantial impact

Current Health and Safety guidelines state that minimum requirements for the protection of pallet racking system uprights should be an upright protector of no less than 400mm at the end of each run of pallet racking between aisle and also for those uprights positioned at aisles and gangways.

Rack protectors are manufactured so that upon impact they absorb the pressure of the collision’s energy allowing the protector to deform under pressure returning to its original shape after impact.

We are dedicated to providing a first class service all the time and offer the provision of free no obligation quotations.  Should you require any further information in respect to any of the information contained in this article or require any information on our pallet racking storage systems and material handling equipment then please do not hesitate to make contact with us on either 01388 779111 or email: sales@advanced-handling.co.uk

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