Why do I need a safety inspection?

Posted on 17th July 2017

A Pallet Racking Safety Inspection is a statutory requirement dictated by current health and safety legislation and it states that such inspections should be carried out at least once a year by a fully competent and trained inspector.  This is despite how much you may or may not have.

Failure in not carry out regular pallet racking safety inspections results in the company breaching health and safety legislation; so is it really worth the risk to your business, workforce and the possibility of invalidating your insurance by not having one done?

Having a storage system safety inspection means that your pallet racking meets those guidelines issued by SEMA.  The inspection will assist in the identification of damage, risk or damage and/or collapse which can in turn improve the operation of your pallet racking system, damage reduction and helps with maintenance.

So whether you have a small amount of racking or a large area of pallet racking you are bound by legislation to ensure it is safe to use.

What we do at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd is successfully work with SEMA approved and regulated rack safety inspectors.  The inspector will attend your site and carry out an independent inspection and provide a SEMA regulated report without causing any disruption to your daily processes.

The comprehensive report that you will receive once the physical inspection has been complete will clearly identify every damaged component and its level of risk.  This is done by using the SEMA Green, Amber and Red classification system.

Advanced Handling & Storage will offer you technical support and a free no obligation quotation for any repair work required following your inspection.  Inspection services include all makes and models of pallet racking systems and shelving including those of a bespoke design no matter what the environment (i.e. cold store, outside etc.)

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So in summary you will need a pallet racking safety inspection if:

– Indeed you have any amount of pallet racking

– If you think or know that you pallet racking is damaged or at risk of damage

– If you want to ensure that you are coherent and meeting all health and safety legislation and codes of practice

– If you need to identify an unsafe condition that may result in your pallet racking collapsing

– If you need to know and are unsure about the load capacity of your pallet racking

– If you want to eliminate any possible consequences to your business and workforce should your pallet racking collapse

We know that health and safety can sometimes come across as tedious but unfortunately the law dictates that great emphasis is placed upon it in order for a business to maintain a safe working environment for its workforce.  This is why health and safety should be an integral part of your businesses daily processes.

For further information or to book a safety inspection please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember: Prevention is better than cure

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