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Warehouse Organisation Must-Haves

For many businesses, this time of the year is their busiest period. That’s why at Advanced Handling & Storage, we thought it would be useful to share our top five warehouse organisation must-haves to help you achieve maximum efficiency during this demanding time.

From new and second-hand pallet racking to mezzanine floors and pallet racking accessories, we have a wide range of storage solutions to help you navigate your warehouse easily and ensure business needs are met.

Timber decking

When it comes to timber decking there are two styles to consider: slatted and close-boarded. Slatted timber decking performs as a permanent pallet across the entire racking level and allows for all types of goods to be stored. 

Close boarded timber decking is a solid floor of wood that is effective for storing smaller goods or different types of products next to each other.

Alternatively, mesh decking is another option that is particularly suitable if your factory or warehouse deals with food or pharmaceutical products because of its hygiene benefits.

Safety barriers

Safety barriers are an important warehouse addition at any time of the year. However, they are particularly essential during busy periods to prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring.

We offer both new and second-hand safety barriers and bollards to further increase the safety of your warehouse and are a certified supplier of the renowned A-Safe range. Therefore, there is a huge selection of safety barriers to suit your business needs.

Mezzanine floors 

Mezzanine floors are a great solution for extra space and warehouse organisation if you aren’t in a position to expand or move your premises. By simply adding a second floor to your warehouse, they can potentially give you double the operating space.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is able to suggest which floors will be suitable for the dimensions of your workplace and meet all the requirements you have. 

Extending business premises can be expensive, however, our second-hand mezzanine floors can achieve the results you need for a fraction of the price. When you buy a second-hand solution you can save up to 40% compared to the price of new.

Kanban shelving

The kanban shelving we offer is an ideal warehouse organisation solution. To take storage to a whole new level, these sloped shelves allow you to see exactly what you are storing, so you can ensure picking and packing is quick and easy. This type of shelving is great for small goods.

Safety inspections

Last but not least, it is vitally important to ensure that your warehouse pallet racking is operating safely by carrying out a safety inspection. Under current legislation, an inspection is to be carried out by a technically competent person every 12 months. 

This type of inspection will not only assess where the identifiable damage is, but also where there is a risk of future damage to your pallet racking system. The report will use a traffic light coding system to help you easily understand the various levels of risk.

Our customer support team is available to contact for any queries you may have and will ensure that you are always provided with the assistance you require. 

Discuss your storage needs today by calling us on 0800 345 7088 or by emailing [email protected]. With us, support continues after the sale, and we strive to form strong customer relationships, providing you with dedicated advisors you can contact for any advice.


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