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Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking whether New, Used or Second-hand is an ideal form of Storage for any kind of Palliated goods.

Racking Systems increase Storage Capacity as well as helping the efficiency and functionality of your working warehouse, factory or outlet unit. An excellent storage facility for even small distribution centres, shopping outlets or any kind of factory environment. Pallet Racking can be purchased from ourselves on a Second-hand basis or new.

All Second-hand Pallet Racking supplied is closely inspected, cleaned and ensured that it’s in excellent condition prior to any agreed sale. Stock of Second hand Racking is ever changing in order to meet the current demands of order to maintain our current demands and to keep stock levels to a maximum. We are always looking to and indeed purchasing Surplus Second-hand (Used) Pallet Racking. No job is ever considered too large, so should you have any Unwanted Racking system contact us.

Cash can be paid for your Racking at excellent prices with the option of us dismantling and arrangement of transportation. Pallet Racking is our core function and this is what we know and what we do best.

We are the North East’s specialists in the industry and can help manage your Racking requirements in order to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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