Multi Tier Mezzanine Floors

A multi-tier mezzanine floor is a free-standing structure that offers multiple levels of flooring within a space. While a standard mezzanine gives you one extra platform in your space, multi-tier mezzanine designs offer two or more levels.

This kind of system can completely utilise the space above and increase your usable space tenfold. Whether you use this for office space, storage or even as part of a showroom, a multi-tier mezzanine floor system could be the answer for you!

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multi tier mezzanine floor

Why will a multi tier mezzanine floor be a great solution for my business?

  • Make the best use of the space in your existing warehouse.
  • Bespoke mezzanine & multi-tier systems will be designed to suit your business.
  • Take advantage of a cost effective way to increase your storage needs.
  • Detailed site survey completed by a Qualified Surveyor.
  • Fully installed by an approved installation team.
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multi tier mezzanine floor

A Cost Effective Solution

Multi-level mezzanine floors enable your business to be more cost effective by avoiding a relocation to a bigger premises. These multi-level mezzanine solutions can be used in commercial, industrial or retail buildings.

These systems are flexible therefore being able to expand and grow as your business does. These are perfect for making use of high vertical space which would be otherwise unused. Therefore you can increase floor space without expanding the actual footprint of the building without the need for a costly extension.

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multi tier mezzanine floor

Designed For You

We always design your floor with you in mind and depending on your use the guidelines may differ. Building regulations are usually recommended with this type of floor system, however this is something that we can organise on your behalf. We can also arrange for fire rating to be installed for 1 hour protection for workers.

Conveyor systems are also a great addition to this type of system, to maximise your pack and pick operations.

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