New Safety Barriers

Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd doesn’t just specialise in storage solutions, but also the safety accessories that work alongside it. With our help, you can upgrade your premises to improve the safety of both staff and visitors. Everything here can support your efforts to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Safety Barriers

We’re a supplier of safety barriers all over the UK. We offer a wide range and give you a selection of new safety barriers that are available on the market. We can offer following barrier systems:

Pedestrian Barriers:

The sight of high-visibility pedestrian barriers will inform workers and visitors of the safest route through the workplace. The barriers are designed to discourage people from walking outside of the designated route.


These can work effectively with pedestrian barriers to provide added direction in the workplace, while also lending safe support. Handrails can be installed in all sorts of premises, including factories, warehouses and car parks.

Access gates: 

We can also offer access gates that can be combined with barriers and handrails. These provide clear entrances to sections of the warehouse and are available in a swing or sliding design.

Rack end barriers:

These can be fitted at the end of pallet racking aisles, with the high-visibility design intended to stop collisions. Rack end barriers also have absorption qualities in the event of impacts to stop or reduce the damage to the pallet racking.


We can offer specially designed bollards that can protect vehicles in an impact. They are made to be highly visible and can be fitted at loading bays and door entrances. They can even limit damage in the event of accidental collisions.

Car parks:

The installation of car park safety barriers will safeguard against damage being caused to both vehicles and your parking structure.


You can direct traffic in your warehouse through with an array of single-rail barriers, double-rail barriers, traffic barriers and more.

Health & Safety Support

Please call us on 0800 345 7088 or email if you require any safety products. By getting prepared, you can minimise the threat of injury and avoid incurring accident costs. We offer delivery and installation to all UK locations, just get in touch!

Safety Barriers

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