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Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd is here to enhance your pallet racking system to tailor the solution and make it bespoke to your business. At times, all you need to improve your system are a few pallet racking accessories. Whether want to get more efficient or raise safety standards, our experts can choose the right accessories to suit your needs.

Our customers depend on us to offer pallet racking systems, warehouse shelving and cantilever racking solutions which are right for them. We make every effort possible to tailor those storage solutions to the exact needs of our customers. To make this possible, a selection of accessories may be needed. You can however, add accessories at any time to allow the system to grow with your business.

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Here, you will be able to find out about all of the different accessories available for your storage system. This includes run spacers, pallet support bars, load notices, mesh decking, chipboard decking, timber decking and so much more. We offer both new and second hand accessories to suit your system and make it work to its full capacity.

Pallet Support Bars – Pallet support bars are in place to help support the weight of the pallet. Typically they sit directly on to the beam to help accommodate odd sized pallets and spread the weight load.

Locking Pins – Locking pins go into the beam and act as a safety feature to prevent the beam from dislodging from the frame and are required by health and safety. Whenever we provide beams we always offer the suitable amount of locking pins for free.

Floor Fixings – These are another safety feature of pallet racking. These are there to fix the frames to the floor. Storage systems which are subject to the loading or unloading by mechanical handling equipment should be fixed to the floor slab with at least a single fixing bolt.

Open Boarded/Close Boarded Timber Decking – This is to make the beam levels in to more of a shelf which is ideal if you are not storing standard pallets. Open boarded timber decking tends to be used up a height as the visibility through the board allows light to pass through making it easier for the forklift drivers to locate the pallets correctly.

Chipboard Decking – This is used to make the beam levels in to more of a shelf configuration and tend to be used on lower picking and packing levels.

Mesh Decks – This is an alternative to the traditional chipboard decking and timber decking. Mesh decks are favoured by insurance companies as they are made from steel. The Mesh Deck are designed in such a way to allow as much water to pass through the sprinkler system in the case of a fire. They are also favoured in warehouses and factories that deal with food, or pharmaceutical goods because of their obvious hygiene reasons.

Safety Barriers – These are a great addition to every warehouse. They can help to reduce the risk of injury, accident costs and downtime in your business. We can offer second hand or new safety barriers and bollards to help increase safety in your warehouse.

We are proud to be a certified supplier of the renowned A-Safe range, giving you a huge selection of safety barriers to suit your needs.

See our dedicated new and used safety barriers pages!

Run Spacers – These attach two bays together back to back to give extra stability to any double runs.

Footplates – These drill in to the floor and are attached to the upright. They typically come with the pallet racking system already but can be supplied separately if needed. They act as an anchor point for the frame.

Anti-Collapse Screens – These are an optional safety feature which are in place to prevent small items/pallets falling from the rear of a single run on to pedestrians.

Load Notices – Load notices are required by health and safety and display the loading capacities for the frames and beams. We offer them as standard with all pallet racking systems.

Safety Inspections – Here at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd we can help you with all aspects of pallet racking safety.  We are able to provide a thorough pallet racking inspection service which will be completed by an independent SEMA approved racking inspector.

See our dedicated page for safety inspections here!

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