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Drive In Pallet Racking

  • Racking height is 4.8m with runs at 1.65m and 3.6m runner heights

  • 7 bays (1.1m) which are all 7 pallets deep

  • Each Run will take 14,000kgs

  • 7 lanes, 3 pallets high, 7 pallets deep = 147 pallet locations

  • Palletised, Cleaned & Banded Ready For Delivery or Collection.

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Carton Live Beds

  • 400 Beds Available

  • 2700mm wide x 2400mm deep (pictured)

  • 2700mm wide x 1100mm deep also available

  • 400kgs UDL across the bed

  • To suit Apex but the connectors can be changed

  • Delivery Nationwide!

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Apex Pallet Racking

  • 400no 9000mm x 900mm Frames

  • 2000 pairs 2700mm x 3000kgs Beams

  • Great Quality Second Hand Stock

  • Nationwide Delivery

  • Palletised, Cleaned & Banded Ready For Delivery or Collection.

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Dexion Mk3 Pallet Racking

  • 3650mm x 910mm Frames

  • 2655mm x 1000kgs Beams

  • UK Delivery Available
  • Beams And Frames Are Cleaned & Banded Ready For Collection Or Delivery.

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HiLo RackPlan

  • 3650mm x 900mm KS Frames – 150 available

  • 2700mm x 2000kgs Beams

  • Cleaned And Banded On To A Pallet Before Delivery

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Link 51 Pallet Racking

  • 6000mm x 900mm Frames – 1100mm deep frames also available

  • 2900mm x 2300kgs Beams

  • UK Delivery Available

  • Materials Are Cleaned & Banded Before Collection Or Delivery.

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Superbo Pallet Racking Beams

  • 150 Pairs of 2700mm x 2000kgs (inc beam locks)

  • Yellow or Galvanised Beams Available

  • Materials will be cleaned & banded on to a pallet before collection or delivery

  • UK Delivery Available

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