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Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd has the ideal storage solution to solve your storage problems. We have a selection of second hand mesh decks in stock that can be quickly fitted to warehouse racking systems and can be used instantly. This is an excellent option for any businesses needing instant access to individual items of stock or equipment and for businesses that do not store their goods on pallets.

Mesh decks are incredibly easy to fit thanks to the waterfall lips on the front and back. This is designed to easily sit over the ends of your existing pallet racking beams. Once fitted, you can then use the decking to place various items of stock that wouldn’t be suitable for pallet storage.

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Mesh Decks in Dumfries, Mesh decking for pallet racking

Alternative Decking

Mesh decks are produced from fire retardant steel, but another vital strength to fire safety are the gaps that appear between the mesh. This is to enable fire sprinklers to send water down through each level of the mesh to reach the very bottom. This also means it is an option which is favoured by insurance companies and will therefore reduce your premiums.

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Sell Your Mesh Decks

You can also send us pictures of your mesh decks if you want to sell them to us. A member of our team will then analyse the pictures and get back to you with a quote based on the quality and quantity of your decks. Please send us an email to the email address above and we will endeavour to get back to you within 3 working hours.

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Mesh Decks
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