Mezzanine Floors

You can buy new or used mezzanine flooring from Advanced Handling & Storage.

Mezzanine floors are a fantastic solution to help maximise work space in your warehouse, factory, office, shop etc.

We supply and install new or used mezzanine floors to your business. The great thing about a new system is that is can really be tailored to your business. You can choose the exact components you need to really maximise your space and really tailor it to you.

The benefits of a used mezzanine floor is that the components are already there so it is a quicker solution. It is also a lot cheaper as it is already there and it does not need to be built. Used solutions can also be mismatched so you can have different components from different mezzanine floors (as long as they fit together) so again it can be tailored to suit you.

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Mezzanine floors are not only a great solution for warehouses, they can be great solutions for shops and offices. We can have them aesthetically pleasing so they really look the part.

They can separate work spaces as well as making more room to work. In a retail environment they can separate different stock for example in a furniture shop they could separate the lounge furniture and the bedroom furniture whilst making more space to display stock. It really is a win-win solution.

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