Multi Tier

Why will multi tier shelving be a great solution for my Business?

  • Make the best use of the space in your existing Warehouse.

  • Bespoke Multi-Tier Shelving System will be designed to suit your Business.

  • Take advantage of a cost effective way to increase your storage needs.

  • Building Regulations are not required.

  • Detailed site survey completed by a Qualified Surveyor.

  • Fully Installed by an approved Installation Team!

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Great Choice For Businesses

Multi-tier shelving is a widely popular system for businesses who are looking to maximise the vertical space of their building. These systems are a favourite for those who don’t necessarily store goods on pallets, but who still want to improve efficiency where possible. This is perfect if you are looking to expand without relocation as it completely maximises the building height that you’ve already got.

The basic make up of these types of systems is using shelving, pallet racking or a combination of both as the support for walkways and platforms where you can still add more shelving system built on top.

Options To Suit Everyone

A wide range of shelving can be incorporated within the multi-tier shelving system in order to meet the end goal of increasing storage capacity and utilising space. These shelving systems can be built to have staircases, walkways, platforms and pallet gates allowing the worker to trace the products required, however pallet gates and other accessories can also be added for ultimate productivity.

Other accessories such as garment rails, tote bins and conveyor systems can be added to maximise efficiency.

Sprinkler, fire and lighting systems can easily be incorporated within the walkways, depending on your requirements. This therefore makes things as easy as possible for you to organise and implement whilst getting a great end result. This can be project managed by us depending on what your requirements are.

A Cost Effective Option

These systems are highly cost effective; especially when this is offset against the cost of relocation or expansion. Did you know that these systems can more than double your existing storage space?! Did you also know that these are cost effective for business tax purposes?

Multi-tier shelving is most effective for fulfilment operations where picking and packing are at the forefront of efficiency. However it is certainly not limited to those sorts of businesses; the floors can, of course, be designed to allow trolleys and pallet trucks throughout the areas, essentially opening up the possibility for the storage of larger types of products.

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