Mezzanine Flooring in Northampton, Mezzanine Floors in Durham

Mezzanine Floors in Durham

Mezzanine Floors in Durham

At Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd we specialise in Mezzanine Floors in Durham and throughout the UK, specialising in both new and second-hand. We can supply, deliver and install the flooring system using our professional and experienced team.

Mezzanine Floors can be incorporated into any business setting offering a cost-effective solution to expanding your business ensuring minimal disruption to your working day. Expanding your industrial premises or acquiring extra storage can often prove expensive yet having a flooring system fitted can dramatically expand the un-used headroom in your workplace.

Whether your premises is an industrial warehouse, retail outlet, office premises or a factory we can supply any specification. Why not take advantage of the un-used space you already own rather than moving premises by creating a second level within the premises opening up a whole new area to either increase your production space, add vital storage or to create a whole new office layout.

Throughout the process our trained staff can advise you on every aspect and step required to satisfy regulations. Fire protection can also be installed to your flooring to ensure safety for your employees or visitors consisting of suspended ceilings to protect the main structure and fire protective cases to protect the vertical columns.

Mezzanine Floors in Durham

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If you are interested in a warehouse storage solution whether it be pallet racking, cantilever racking or a mezzanine floor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call our friendly advisers on 0800 345 7088 or and an email to [email protected]

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