Storage System, Storage Solutions for the Modern Warehouse, Storage Solutions for the Modern Warehouse

Storage Solutions for the Modern Warehouse

Finding Storage Solutions for the Modern Warehouse

Pallet Racking Systems are essential to maximizing any storage capacity in any modern warehouse. Using Pallet Racking as a storage solutions for the modern warehouse in your industrial business can be extremely beneficial.

In order to understand these benefits it’s necessary to take a closer look at what pallets are, why we use them, how they can be moved and how they can be utilized. In doing this we can establish the idea of how using pallet racking storage solutions can solve a lot of problems that can be faced within the industry.

Pallet Racking has a lot of advantages when it comes to the load they can handle, their accessibility and how they effectively utilize space. Before Pallet Racking was determined as a storage solution warehouses were overcrowded and dangerous as pallets could only be stored on the floor. This is why pallet racking storage solutions are so vital to industrial businesses.

It allows a business to store pallets in a way that maximizes all space available. Pallet Racking as a storage solution provides a way to store pallets along walls and rows. It is designed to carry the weight of the pallet and in addition store rows of pallets on top of each other allowing for a greater volume of pallets to be stored. Pallet Racking is the best form of storage solution to utilize space and its accessibility.

Advanced Handling & Storage can provide a range of pallet racking storage solutions for you in a variety or models and to any specification.  Systems available both in new and second-hand include just some of the following:

Dexion, Polypal, Meccalux, Sperrin, Redirack, Apex, HiLo and Link 51

Pre-owned pallet racking is held in stock within our warehouse and is available on a supply deliver and installation basis all catered to the client’s specification

Call us now for your New, Second hand or used pallet racking storage solution

Storage Solutions for the Modern Warehouse

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