Pallet Racking Components

Pallet Racking – Speak the Lingo

A Basic Glossary for Pallet Racking.

Would it be a fair judgement to suggest that not everyone is down with all the jargon that sometimes comes along with pallet racking?

Working with in the industry in an extremely busy office it sometimes bamboozles me, I seem just about to crack one phrase when a new one comes along. Language and terminology thrown at you in quotations or even on the telephone can sometime be too confusing to bare and leaves some of the most intelligent people more than a little bewildered!

So, with this in mind as well as to help keep myself in the loop I have noted below just a few terms that may help….. Both of us…..


An aisle is the space that allows you access to picking your goods, loading frames etc.

Base Plate

A base plate is like a foot fitted to the upright to enable it to be secured to the floor.


A bay is the module or a section between the steel post uprights.


A beam is the bar that is load baring and sits horizontally with connectors at each end to pre-determine holes in increments on the steel upright.

Beam Locks

A Beam lock also known as beam clips stop the beams from lifting and prevents the beam from dislodging.


Frames are two or more uprights that are joined together by a bracing to create a frame.


A gangway is a space for transport to access.


The number of storage levels per bay.


A run is a series of bays to which are connected together length ways.

Pallet Racking Components

Single Sided Run

A single sided run is a single depth of rack which is only accessible from one side.

Double Sided Run

A double sided run is two single runs built back to back with accessibility on both sides.


This stands for Uniformly Distributed Load.  This means the capacity of each storage level based on the load being spread evenly across the level.

…..Now, feeling slightly more down with the lingo?  If there are any other terms that are leaving you scratching your head then why not give us a call on our free phone number 0800 345 7088 our friendly professional sales team are ready to help.

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