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E-Commerce Demands Flexibility within Pallet Racking Storage Applications

E-commerce demands flexibility within pallet racking storage applications

FACT and here at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd we can help you control your stock with an efficient pallet racking storage application that will help you meet the demands. As e-commerce continues to change the way in which distribution centres shape their material handling responses, as a supplier we are not slow in offering fast conveying and automated storage devices. The complexity of the decision making process can be difficult especially if you have a volatile product that flits between slow and fast moving through any 1 period.

This is why your storage application and equipment need to be flexible – this is paramount as handling and picking speeds need to be reflective as gone are the times that consumers are prepared to wait for their purchased goods and even more are less forgiving when it comes to the receiving the wrong items. This highlights the need for accuracy and a storage system that will maintain demand and remain sustainable over time.

We are an excellent example for this.  We get to know you and your business, your key issues, products and demand and fluctuations as well as logistics.  Using this precise information we use this to enable us to help you make an informed decision on what is the most suitable and sustainable product for you, a product that will maintain its use and relevance to your business.  We offer second hand and new options within all our second hand and shelving ranges.  All second hand products re rigorously checked and are of the highest quality.

We offer bespoke designs and an individually catered service.

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