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Warehouse Storage – Knowledge is the best defence

Warehouse Storage – Keep it safe

Warehouse Storage – It is just knowing what to do, but actually taking action and doing it!

Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd believe that more businesses need to actively take more accountability for the provisions of health and safety within their workplace.

Warehouse and storage environments are amongst some of the most hazardous and confusing environments within the material storage industry.  They are continually struck by accidents caused by moving vehicles, slip, trips, falls, working at height and moving or falling objects.

Every year companies are being prosecuted for accidents that could have been entirely preventable with sufficient planning and execution.  It is a manager’s obligation to ensure a safe working environment for their staff, however, it’s not just knowing what to do about it, and it’s actively doing it and taking action.

By doing this you can successfully build a corporate culture around health and safety within the work place. Advanced Handling and Storage Ltd can assist with health and safety in respect to your storage equipment and offer two options to enable you to make a full and informed choice on which option of audit of your equipment you may wish to take.  Please contact us with respect to this important issue where one of our specialist advisers will be able to give you precise information and prices on all available options.

Warehouse Storage

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