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Why choose us for your Second Hand Pallet Racking?

Why choose us for your Second Hand Pallet Racking?

Why choose us for your Second Hand Pallet Racking? Business is doing great thanks to all our new and existing customers.  We have had a fantastic start to the New Year and getting our teeth stuck into 2015.  We have had some tremendous feedback from clients and already kicked the year off with a fantastic write up regarding a contract we completed with Calsonic Kansei in Sunderland.

So with this euphoric feeling buzzing around the office it’s got me kind of thinking about how we have reached the heights we have and what really makes Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd stand out from the rest of our competitors in the material storage industry. It does have to be acknowledge that without the hard work and the dedication of our Managing Director (and that’s not me after a pay rise) I perhaps wouldn’t be sat where I am now typing this!

His hard work and dedication is the cornerstone of the business.  Without his drive and determination we wouldn’t be in business – simples!

Recent economic downfalls and recent recessions have hit the North East hard and some business haven’t managed to come out the other side; but after 20 years of working hard and the strength of our existing customer base Advanced Handling is still very much alive and kicking. But how has this success happened. It’s hard to pinpoint.

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Company Mantra

The company mantra has always been that the service we offer would never be limited to a person or a department the standard of service would become a whole ethos and culture that would resonate throughout the company, staff and all business processes. The aim is always to offer creative and flexible concepts.  As a business we have successfully managed to support commercial and industrial businesses all over the United Kingdom.

The focus is to always listen to what the customer wants , have an innovative approach to finding the right solution and offer the most flexible and supportive team of experienced staff so that we can confidently provide customers with safe and efficient products and services. Our staff, I believe, are the best staff like…..ever! Staff here at Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd immerse themselves in training and knowledge base which ensures you the customer access to new products, technology and services broadening your choice.  The visions we have as a company I think are very simple.

One of the UK’s Largest Suppliers of Second Hand Pallet Racking

Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd want to be acknowledged by our clients as one of the leading suppliers and installers of second hand pallet racking and installation services in the UK. Another aspect of dealing with Advanced Handling & Storage is that you will never just be another customer…  Whilst we always provide products and services that will satisfy the needs of all our clients and always working in an ethical and safe way treating all of our clients with respect and fairness we treat everyone as an individual catering the advice, information and designs bespoke to your requirements.

We never will sell you what you don’t really need.  By treating clients in this way we believe that they will return time and time again and we have the benefit of building long sustainable business relationships.  We will at all times have the client in mind striving continually to improve the efficiency of all our operations, business and processes.  We will always remain flexible and reliable in our performance as a company and seek excellence in service at all times. Fortunate enough to have a team dedicated to the cause and excellently trained in their field they will always understand the need to build a relationship with the client in order to provide the best possible solution.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to improving storage and manual handling solutions for all our customers by providing quality in service that gains trust and that build a lifelong relationship. What also makes Advanced Handling & Storage different is that we have no hard sell strategies – it just isn’t us!  Adding additional pressure to a client is that last thing we want to do with aggressive selling techniques and pushy sales material.

Customers come back to Advanced Handling & Storage time and time again because of this, there is no psychology or pressure on potential clients, instead we let our superb reputation and services speak for themselves. Unlike a lot of our competitors we don’t just sell. We stock approximately quarter of a millions pounds worth of stock on site at any one time ensure we have what you want when you want it. So in conclusion – why go anywhere else?

Working with all our clients is always a pleasure and often a challenge but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Providing second hand pallet racking, new pallet racking, shelving, office partitioning and mezzanine floors throughout the UK our storage solutions are guaranteed to optimize any space in the up most practical, safe and economic way leaving all customers completely satisfied.

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