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Warehouses Making Most of Available Space

Warehouses constantly try to make the most of the space they have available, whilst ensuring that they maintain all necessary safety requirements.

Warehouses and Pallet Racking

The most commonly used method of capacity sterling goods is by placing palletised products onto the pallet racking. This allows the pallets to be stored horizontally and to be stacked vertically.

When done efficiently using the right type of pallet racking system the efficiency of a warehouse can be dramatically increased.

Buying second hand racking from Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd ensures you get the best quality, durable and efficient racking available. All our racking is of adequate capacity loadings and sufficient variations in widths and lengths.

We will always advise you on the best storage solution and all your available requirements. Having 20 years’ experience within the field you can guarantee professional advice and excellent service.

Supplying, delivery and installing secondhand pallet racking all over the UK, we offer a comprehensive and reliable service. No matter what size your requirements are.

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