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Warehouse Storage Systems – Dexion Drive In

Our Dexion Drive in Storage Systems are tailored to help you maximise your warehouse space. With our cost effective systems we can provide you with a solution to keep your premises tidy.

Drive in Racking has some major benefits. The use of Dexion Drive in Racking allows for more pallets to be stored than any other pallet racking system which allows you to get the most out of your space as you are able to have more levels than using regular pallet racking.

Additionally, when using Drive In racking, you no longer need picking aisles because pallets will be positioned onto front-to-back rails to save even more time and space because the rows can be stacked right next to each other. It is the perfect first-in-last-out system making it ideal for large quantities of the same type of goods.

Our storage systems have already helped many of our customers in the North East and across the United Kingdom to solve all of their warehouse needs. All of our solutions are available to you in both New and Second Hand to make sure that we can help suit all budgets.

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