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Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive in Pallet Racking is a great system which is designed for the storage of similar products as it houses a large number of pallets.

Great Use of Space

This is the best system for making the best use of space as it can use a lot of available height and space.

This system is made up of a set of racking units that form inner loading aisles with support rails for pallets. The forklift trucks enter these inner aisles with their loads higher than the level in which it will be placed.

Drive In Pallet Racking, Drive In Pallet Racking UK, Drive In Pallet Racking North, Drive In Pallet Racking North West, Drive In Pallet Racking North East, Drive In Pallet Racking County Durham

Each loading aisle has support rails on both sides. They are arranges on different levels and the pallets are placed on top. This racking system is made of extremely robust materials therefore making it suitable for storing very heavy pallets.

Drive in pallet racking is usually combined with a conventional pallet racking system in a warehouse. It is generally used for items with a much higher turnover. It a great idea to combine both methods in your warehouse to really make full use of the space and to make your operations run to their full potential.

When choosing your pallet racking system you need to ensure you are choosing the system which enables upmost efficiency. You need it to help your business to perform rather than hinder your performance.

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