second hand pallet racking

New HiLo Rack Plan Pallet Racking

HiLo Rack Plan is a great solution to most businesses as it is a market leader in storage solutions with many decades of success. Their great range of products can be found in numerous businesses all over the UK including, workshops, warehouses, factories, retail units, offices and more!

Advantages of New Hilo Rack Plan Pallet Racking

The advantages of using this manufacturer is that they have a versatility of product options, durability, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Under the HiLo umbrella there are also a lot of options such as wide aisle adjustable pallet racking, double deep pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking, drive in/drive through racking, push back pallet racking, multi-tier plus live pallet storage! HiLo also provide an extensive range of shelving including industrial, multi-tier and many others! At Advanced we can provide you with everything listed and everything else that HiLo do!

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We provide new HiLo pallet racking to a large number of companies all over the UK and have been doing so for many years. Due to the durability of this product it can withstand in your business for many years and is a reliable solution for everyone!

In addition to New HiLo rack plan we also provide second-hand solutions. Please give us a call today to discuss what we have in stock and discuss a new or used HiLo solution for your business.

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