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Amazon Go and What the Future Holds

Have you heard about Amazon Go? Amazon go is hailed as ‘The Future for Shopping’! It is a new shop which comes with a whole new experience!

Amazon have ‘created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. ’ That have created the ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping experience. You use the Amazon Go app to enter the store then simply pick up the items you want and then leave! No till, no queuing… just go!

This sort of technology is what is seen in driverless cars. It cleverly automatically detects what products you have taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. Shortly after you leave the shop, you will be charged to your Amazon account and simply sent a receipt.

You can just browse and shop as you usually would and if you pick an item then later change your mind, you can put it back on the shelf and it automatically deducts from your total!

Amazon Go are going to be offering food packages, snacking options, meal deals, grocery staples and majorly perishable goods. All you need to shop there is an Amazon account and the Amazon go app on your smart phone! I mean it is based in Seattle USA but it really gives you an insight to the future of the shopping experience!

Pallet Racking, Pallet Racking UK, Pallet Racking North, Pallet Racking North West, Pallet Racking North East, Pallet Racking County Durham

This is such an amazing step and really gives you a glimpse of what the future looks like!

But you know what this shop still needs? Yes you guessed it! It will still need a warehousing solution to store stock and a solution which enables for a high turnover for perishable goods. No matter how futuristic Amazon makes the shopping experience, there will still be a demand for a warehousing system!

We provide you with new and used solutions to suit your warehousing needs. All of our solutions – including second hand – are extremely durable so can really last you a long long time! We understand how important it is to get your system right the first time round to ensure you are experiencing as little stress as possible as well as fitting a solution that is cost effective.

No matter where the future goes, there will always be a need for pallet racking!

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