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The Secret Bonuses of Safety Barriers

Polymer safety barriers provide advanced protection, but did you know that they can also boost facility performance and productivity?

It may be logical to assume that polymer-based safety barriers perform a simple but somewhat one-dimensional function in the workplace: They protect things – people, vehicles, equipment, structures, stock (Just to name a few!). But when they are properly implemented, they actually provide a range of benefits that can enhance facility performance and productivity.


It all starts with layout. At the architectural stage, or when upgrading or redesigning a facility, polymer safety barriers will protect the vital components of a facility but they will also guide, segregate, streamline and organise. If a facility is organised, with clear segregation of people from vehicles, with clearly defined routes for pedestrians and traffic, with reduction of dangerous crossing points and with proper protection of structures and equipment, then the facility is set up to be productive.

And if dangerous pedestrian/vehicle interactions can be designed entirely out at the planning stage, then long-term productivity is improved even further.

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Visual Aids

Secondly, barriers provide visual aids to prevent accidents. The barrier colour should be easily seen so a bright yellow is best. The barriers will highlight pedestrian walkways and define traffic routes, improving workflow and greatly reducing the chances of the greatest calamity against workplace productivity – an accident.

Reduction in Maintenance

Thirdly, there is a reduction in maintenance. Polymer barriers are non-repaint, non-scratch, non-corrosive and unlike steel barriers, they flex when they are impacted. The forces are dissipated and the floors do not rip from the fixings. Reduced maintenance means reduced downtime, which in turn means improved performance.

If accidents still occur, polymer barriers will minimise downtime. A modular barrier system that allows easy repairs or rails and posts without the uprooting of a whole run. This can save valuable production time.

Lastly there is a human angle! A bright, well-protected, aesthetically pleasing facility provides a morale boost to staff, who feel valued and safe. A happy work force is a productive workforce!

Final proof that where there are polymer based barriers there is intelligent health and safety – and where there is intelligent health and safety, there is improved productivity and performance!

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