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Types of Pallets

Whether you work in a warehouse or not you may think that there is only one type of pallet! In fact there are loads of different types of pallets!

When you way the word ‘Pallet’ you imagine a brown wooden pallet stuck together with nails and slots in the middle section where the forks off a forklift truck would go to lift it up… but boy are you wrong… that is one of the many types of pallets available! To confuse you even further there more than 27 different pallets available! They meet different requirements so depending on what you need them for depends on the type of pallet you choose and they can vary significantly!

It is important to be armed with the knowledge needed before choosing what type of [pallet you want to use in your warehouse.

Pallets can be organised into 2 main categories, Stringer and Block. Stringer pallets are constructed by fastening 3 long boards to the pallets bottom boards and then fastening the top boards onto the stringers. More simply it is one that used 3 continuous boards laid on their edges to connect the top and bottom boards which are laid flat. Alternatively block pallets use blocks instead of boards to separate the top and bottom of the pallets. The individual blocks are placed in the corners and halfway between each corner along the sides. Block pallets can be accessible from all angles and can hold larger capacities. Stringer pallets can only be accessed from two sides and hold a lesser capacity.

There are also so many sub categories for you to choose from!

Soft Wood – These are the cheapest and are typically used to ship items then are discarded upon being received. These are usually stringer pallets.

Plastic – These are a rather expensive option but are extremely durable, have a great stacking ability and can hold a lot of weight. They can be re-used until they are pretty much worn out, hence the larger price tag… but you need to consider if this is something more affordable in the long run.

Hard Wood – This is a sturdier alternative than soft wood pallets and can therefore hold more capacity. These are typically block pallets opposed to stringer pallets.

Paper – You may know these as ‘Eco Pallets’ and are increasing in popularity due to their environmental benefits. They are easily recyclable and can hold loads comparable to soft wood pallets.

Metal – These are the strongest and most durable option. However it also means that they are the most expensive pallet on the market! They are however becoming more and more popular as the prices are steadily dropping whilst the quality is continually improving. This is a long term solution so can be more cost effective in the long run.

When choosing the type of pallet you wish to use, there are a variety of factors to think about. You need to consider the short term costs versus the long term costs, the capacity you need the pallets to hold, the way you wish to pick the pallets and so much more! Our team is on hand to guide you through this decision and help choose not only the best pallets, but the best pallet racking solution for you.

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