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Why Choose Advanced Handling & Storage

There are so many companies out there offering a similar service to us so we really just wanted to highlight what makes us different and why you should choose Advanced Handling & Storage!

Firstly we have been in the business for over 20 years now so we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We really know our stuff and we know exactly how to maximise your space to make your warehouse as efficient as possible.

Advanced Handling and Storage not only provide customers with new pallet racking, mezzanine floors, shelving, cantilever racking etc.… but we also provide our customers with used. Used racking systems are fantastic and there are so many benefits, but the most attractive one being the huge price difference. You can save up to 50% compared to buying new racking! We have all of our secondhand stock stored in our warehouse which means we can deliver shorter lead times as we would not have to deal with suppliers and have to wait longer to get the product for you. On rare occasions we have also provided secondhand racking on the same day!

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At Advanced we have a dedicated customer care team who ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product provided. We really like to keep in touch with you after everything has been completed as well… we actually care! If you read our about section you will see that we have Core Values in place. You will also see that we have two out of the four core values surrounding customers and ensuring they are satisfied.

We have our very own installation team too! This means that we really can keep an eye on the product you are getting and if there is any problems which may arise at the time of installation, they can be seamlessly put right. If you hired a separate installation team, they may come at a higher cost, but also if there was any problems at this stage, it would be up to you to sort them out. If you don’t understand the terms which they are saying, it may be difficult to find the right solution and may become a much larger issue then it really is.

Something which we don’t usually mention but is a fantastic point is our price guarantee! We guarantee to BEAT any like-for-like quotation! We have a great relationship with our suppliers which we have had for many many years. This means that we know that you are getting the best deal!

Get in Touch

I mean if you are still wondering who to choose for your complete warehouse solutions have a look at our testimonials. You can see exactly what our customers have to say about us! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more on 01388 779111 or please email [email protected]

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