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How High Can Your Pallet Racking Go?

If you face the daily struggles associated with a small warehouse and heaps of inventory, pallet racking is likely your best solution and you may have already invested in a system for your company.

Ideal for a vast range of markets, whether retail or manufacturing – pallet racking is designed to store high volume and high density bulk inventory. Amongst a handful of other considerations to contemplate when purchasing and installing your racking you may be wondering just how high your pallet racking can go?

Naturally you might want to squeeze as many pallets as possible into the available space and operate with maximum efficiency; but it is hugely important that you also ensure your system is as safe as possible. You may have come to the conclusion that the higher your shelves, the more space you’re saving. But just how high can you build it?

Well, actually you can go pretty high, but there are a few practical restrictions in place which will enforce limits.

The Size of Your Building

This almost goes without saying, as you are obviously restricted by the height of your ceiling. However to some extent the height of your warehouse will determine how high your racking can go. This is something you should generally be aware of when considering your pallet racking. Especially when encompassing a space which doesn’t necessarily offer the same functionality as a warehouse.

Pallet Racking, Pallet Racking UK, Pallet Racking North, Pallet Racking North West, Pallet Racking North East, Pallet Racking County Durham

The Abilities of Your Machinery

Perhaps the main limitation on storage height is the potential reach of your forklift. Something which needs to reach 30ft will undoubtedly cost more than one which is only required to reach 10-15ft.

Loading Capacities

Be aware of the safe loading capacities for your racking system. Make sure that those who plan your installation are fully aware of what you are intending to store. This is so that they can encompass your specific requirements.

Bear in mind the size and nature of your stock. If your top shelves are holding inventory that needs to be accessed every day, it probably won’t suit being stocked higher up. The time waiting for specialist equipment to become free in a busy warehouse or physically negotiating the top shelf goods completely negate the point in building the extra shelf.

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