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Safety at Work- Warehouse Safety Barriers

The International Labour Organization celebrates its world safety day for Health and Safety at Work on 28th April.  Statistics show that April has the highest number if recorded accidents within the year’s calendar. This is why we offer warehouse safety barriers.

Knowing that Health and Safety is an integral part of everyday business within all industries and the forefront of company policy and procedure Advanced Handling & Storage are focusing our attention on Pedestrian and Traffic Segregation for warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

Advanced Safety Barriers

Our Advanced Safety Barriers website is dedicated to all such products and to back it up we have a dedicated sales force who have many years’ experience in the optimization and implementation of safety products including pedestrian barriers, bollards and rack barriers.

450 thousand accidents in factory and warehousing environments within 2012 were caused by a moving object. This resulted in more than 3-7 days absence from the work place and in some cases fatalities.

Let us help you choose and implement the correct safety equipment for your warehouse, industrial unit and or distribution centre.

Warehouse Safety Barriers, Warehouse Safety Barriers UK, Warehouse Safety Barriers North, Warehouse Safety Barriers North West, Warehouse Safety Barriers North East, Warehouse Safety Barriers County Durham

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We are an accredited distributor for A-Safe, a leading UK provider for safety barrier equipment. This means we can assure you that you will get the right product designed for you and your company. To find out more information about how the A-Safe range can really protect your employees and your business, please give us ring on 01388 779111 or please email [email protected].

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