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Understanding the Need for Workplace Safety Barriers

In April 2011 a factory worker who was crushed to death inside an industrial printing machine had no safety barrier or access gate equipment to prevent her gaining access to the machine a jury ruled.

A jury of six men and three women understood that there had been no safety barrier equipment in place within the factory to assist in the prevention of such accidents, instead the employee was able to walk straight up to the device to add thinners to the ink printing pads at the engineering site in the south of the country without having to stop or restart the machine.

Colleagues of the employee then heard screams as the machine started working as the employee was trapped inside.

Jurors returned a verdict where they believed that “it ought to have been acknowledged and the responsibility of management to ensure that workers we unable to access the machine without the use of appropriate safety barriers and access gates and other necessary safety equipment, instead workers were permitted to work in an extremely unsafe manner”.

Why Safety Barriers

Should a safety barrier system with access gate have been installed the employee would have had to simply open the gate which in turn would have stopped all power to the machine preventing this fatal accident.

Safety Barriers, Safety Barriers UK, Safety Barriers North, Safety Barriers North West, Safety Barriers North East, Safety Barriers County Durham

Health and safety is something that is often looked at and approached with an immediate negative point of view.  It is essential that a good culture of health and safety practice is established within a workplace and force.  With this in mind it’s important that you know the challenges and understand them this can often be done via incident reporting and safety audits.  However, another important factor is to realize you existing and potential strengths and a safety barrier system may be just that!

Safety Barrier systems for warehouse, factories etc. provide initial protection for everyone involved within the busy, noisy and often confusing environment.  But that’s not all they do, they are also a vital tool of visual display that warns traffic and pedestrians of potential dangerous situations.

Team of Experts

Our sales team have been trained so that they only offer the best possible advice on safety barrier systems and other safety products that will suite your application, environment and facility.  Providing a full and coordinated service we can help the full design and layout by providing on site visits, auto cad drawings and installation.

Industry recognized and approved distributor for A-Safe you need look no further than our tailored and professional services.

If you don’t want a tragic accident like this to happen in your work place please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 345 7088 or please email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

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