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How to Choose the Right Mesh Decks Solution for You

Mesh decks are a fantastic solution for every single warehouse. They can help reduce the risk of fires, make the working environment lighter and are more hygienic – just to name a few! Today I wanted to discuss how you choose the right mesh deck solution for you!

  • Identify the products being stored – You need to identify which products will be stored on the racks. Is it a box? A Pallet? A Container? Something else? This is a crucial step in ensuring you choose the right mesh deck solution. You cannot simply choose a wire deck based on the advertised rated capacity. There are many factors that go into making a wire deck such as the wire size, grid pattern, the number of U channels, waterfall direction, and finish.
  • Provide your installer with the product dimensions – ensure that you give your installer the type of product along with the overall dimensions and weights. It is important to make a note if the item will be point loaded, or line loaded. You will need to note exactly where the loading will occur. This is to ensure the deck can be sized appropriately and can accept the weight in any location.
  • Understand the type of racking you have – The next thing that an installer will need to know is the detail of the industrial rack in which the wire deck will be placed on. More importantly the beams. There are two different types of beams out there:
    1. Roll formed beam – Created from a roll of steel; often less expensive; easily damaged
    2. Structural beam – Created from hot steel into I-beams or C-channels; often more expensive; more impact resistant; repairable.


Mesh Decks, Mesh Decks UK, Mesh Decks North, Mesh Decks North West, Mesh Decks North East, Mesh Decks County Durham


Knowing what type of beam you’re using will allow you to select a waterfall deck/

  • Do you need a waterfall? – ‘What on earth is a waterfall deck?!’ I hear you cry…. A waterfall is basically the configuration of the wire deck. There are several different types of waterfalls.
    1. Standard Step, Outside Waterfall – This is one of the most common and is seen in most warehouses and manufacturing settings. The wire decks sits on a step beam and the wire overhangs both front and back beams by roughly 1.5”.
    2. Inverted Flange, Outside Waterfall – This is the same as above, however a structural beam is being used rather than a roll formed beam.
    3. Flush or Flush Flat – There is no outside waterfall. The wire deck is contained within the rack structure. Note: It is good practice to a tek-screw (screws that drill their own pilot hole) to secure the wire deck to the beam. This type of deck can only be used with a roll formed beam. It is most commonly found in hand stack and order picking applications.
    4. Non-Standard Waterfalls – It is possible to have an outside waterfall were the load side of the wire deck is pointing down and the back side of the wire decks wire is pointing up to act as a back stop. Again, it is recommended that the wire deck be tek-screwed to the beam.
  • Is the Environment Corrosive? Next, you need to ask yourself if the wire deck will go into a corrosive environment. If so, you might consider getting a galvanized finish verses a painted finish. There are many finishes out there including oven baked enamel, powder coated, hot dipped galvanized, pre-galvanized, and electro-zinc plated finishes.

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