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Imagine a World Without Pallet Racking!

So today we have all been thinking what the world would be like without pallet racking! We tried to imagine but we really cannot see a world without it! Let us tell you what the world would be like without racking…

 A Future Without Racking

A world without pallet racking would be nothing short of chaos; the consequences far reaching; disastrous.

It Won’t Save You Space

Struggling with the pitfalls of a small warehouse or an unorganised system? No pallet racking; no solution.

Currently a prominent factor for businesses, utilising space is at the forefront of their minds. Without warehouse storage systems you would struggle massively with meeting customer demands and increasing your profits. Instead you would have to consider the expense of renovation or relocation to acquire additional room.

Pallet Racking, Pallet Racking UK, Pallet Racking North, Pallet Racking North West, Pallet Racking North East, Pallet Racking County Durham

Difficult Access and Inconvenience

Without the space for your entire inventory, your warehouse would rapidly become a hub of confusion when sourcing products for distribution. You can forget a business that runs smoothly and instead expect each day to be an eventful and highly stressful task.

Whilst racking is designed to store more and get things done faster; a world without pallet racking would ensure that your staff struggle to pick items and waste their days with unnecessary sorting.

Increased Health and Safety Risks

Badly stored items can have implications on both your employees and the products you store. Without a durable and safe product in use both safety measures and quality service is compromised.

What’s more members of staff would have to do all of the heavy lifting instead resulting in a significant increase in injuries.

Forklifts Would Become Obsolete

Essentially without pallet racking, forklifts would be pointless! Forklift truck sales would halt and those already purchased would become warehouse relics gathering dust in the corner of a very cluttered and overfilled warehouse floor.

Economies Would Crumble

To quote Benjamin Franklin “time is money”. And since pallet racking is a huge time saver the consequences in terms of efficiency and thus economy could be massive. Supply chains would break and affect retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and transports.

Warehouse efficiency would be the biggest victim here, affecting loading and unloading time, safety, and increased costs. Those costs would trickle down to the consumer, and let’s face it, no-one likes higher prices. We could face a situation where consumers would stop buying because they can no longer afford it or because they don’t see the value?

It really is a vicious cycle……

Aaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddd back to the Present

Fortunately for us we can’t see the disappearance of pallet racking any time soon, particularly bearing in mind the consequences above!

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