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What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A ‘Mezzanine’ – or in French, an entresol – is an intermediate floor in a building which is partly open to the double-height ceilinged floor below. A mezzanine floor may serve a wide variety of functions. Industrial mezzanines, such as those used in warehouses, may be temporary or semi-permanent structures.

At Advanced Handling we can provide for the supply and installation of a range of new and used Mezzanine Floors for Industrial Warehouses, Retail, Factory and Office premises. As well as supplying and installing the products of leading Mezzanine Floors and Flooring, Mezzanine Floors can also be designed, manufactured and installed by our in-house team. Quotation through to supply can be achieved in as little as three weeks, with the extra advantage of cutting out the middle-man’s mark up!

Mezzanine Floors are one of the most cost effective methods to dramatically expand available space in your existing premises. Extra retail sales area, additional office accommodation, manufacturing, workshop or the need for increased storage space can be solved with the installation of a Mezzanine Floor. The design and layout of the steelwork is bespoke, to suit the customers’ existing site layout and therefore columns and base plates are kept to minimum.

Mezzanine Floor, Mezzanine Floor UK, Mezzanine Floor North, Mezzanine Floor North West, Mezzanine Floor North East, Mezzanine Floor County Durham

Expanding your industrial premises or acquiring extra storage space can often prove expensive. An Industrial Mezzanine Floor lets you take advantage of that unused space you already own. By creating a second level within your premises you can open up a whole new area to either: increase your production space; to add vital storage or to create a new office layout. Add a Staircase, a Pallet Gate or Conveyor to make your new area easily accessible. Advanced industrial mezzanines consist of pre-fabricated universal beams, columns and cold-rolled steel joists, decked with 38mm particle board to give a strong load-bearing floor space.

All industrial mezzanines require a Building Regulations Application submitted for approval. Our trained staff will advise on every aspect/step required to satisfy the regulations. Initial consultation is made with the relevant building regulations department to ensure the floor is designed in accordance with the up to date legislation. Fire protection can be installed to your industrial mezzanine, consisting of a suspended ceiling to protect the main structure, vertical bulkheads to protect the perimeter edges and fire protective cases to protect the vertical columns.

We will assign a Contracts Manager to your project providing you with a central point of contact. We will ensure that your project is completed to your specification, on time, within budget and with the minimum amount of disruption.

At Advanced Handling we have been providing such successful Mezzanine Floors & Flooring solutions to our customers for many years. We specialise in both new and used second hand Mezzanine Floors & Flooring systems for space efficiency solutions in warehouses and factory locations.

We are always looking to buy new stock! If you are selling a mezzanine floor please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01388 779111 or please send us a photo with pictures to [email protected] and we will supply you with a FREE valuation!

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