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How will Brexit Impact your Business?

There is still some uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the unknown potential implications it may have over our income, expenses and consumerism in the coming months and years.

It was predicted that among the hardest hit by the Brexit vote would be UK online sellers. They make up 45% of the EU’s UK exports and online retailers.

Although 2016 ended on a high, it is thought that it could be years until we will be able to fully appreciate the impact that deciding to leave the EU has had on our fragile economy. Unfortunately the only certainty at present in 2017 seems to be the Bank of England’s anticipated rise in inflation which is a consequence in the decrease in value of the pound.

Rising travel costs, utility bills and house prices, even amenities such as food are regretfully, all contributing factors which have all impacted the rise of inflation. The impact this has had on manufacturers has meant rises in costs for them for raw materials which in-turn now adds cost on for the consumer.

Pallet Racking,Pallet Racking UK, Pallet Racking North, Pallet Racking North West, Pallet Racking North East, Pallet Racking County Durham

At Advanced Handling and Storage we supply, install and deliver both new and secondhand storage solutions for your warehouse. Secondhand solutions not only maximise your warehouse efficiency, but they also save you money! When you buy a secondhand solution from us, you can save up to 50% compared to the cost of buying new! With the decision to leave the EU and the impact it has had on the value of the pound, surely a secondhand solution is ideal to help save you money AND maximise your warehouse efficiency.

If we can help you with any secondhand warehousing solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! After all, secondhand is our speciality!

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