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Why are safety inspections important?

Storage equipment safety inspections are a statutory requirement under current health and safety legislation.  Regulations state that inspection of storage equipment must be carried out on an annual basis despite whether the system in place is new or used at the point of installation.  Failure to do this means that you are not compliant with current legislative requirements which can also affect your insurance and can in some cases prove to be a very costly mistake.

In general racking in particular has a limit on the amount of abuse that it can take and the skills of your forklift operators have a great bearing on the amount of damage that is likely to be caused.  To ensure that you racking installation remains serviceable and safe it is important for the system to be inspected on a regular basis by a technically trained and competent SEMA approved Racking Inspector (SARI).

Safety Inspections, Safety Inspections UK, Safety Inspections North, Safety Inspections North West, Safety Inspections North East, Safety Inspections County Durham

We have over 20 years of industry experience and only ever work with SARI’s.  We can provide annual surveys on you pallet racking and shelving during normal working hours with very little disruption to your usual daily practices.  The inspection produces a hierarchical colour coded designed report which offers information on the safety and the risks of your equipment.

Racking inspections are a critical aspect of warehouse safety and annual inspections such as these should back up any internal checks that are completed in house (another recommendation of HSE).  Such surveys are covered within the PUWER act of 1996 and defined within the HSG76document and SEMA guidelines.

Safety inspections are now a relevant and important part of business insurance and can help lower premiums.

Remember Prevention is better than cure!  If you think health and safety is expensive try and accident!


Pallet racking inspections are an integral part of any health and safety policy within any business and it is ok to assume that not everyone works safely or competently with the equipment.  Damage is not always visible instantly and can develop over a period of time.  Once your racking system has been installed it needs to be maintained and besides your annual SEMA approved racking inspections it is good practice as recommended by HSE to complete internal inspections on a weekly / monthly basis.  These inspections should be recorded and only carried out by a competent individual.

We are successfully able to arrange the provision of rack safety inspection training to members of staff.  The one day rack inspection course is SEMA approved and also carries an Institute of Occupational Health accreditation (IOSH).  The aim of the course is to give delegates an understanding of how to maintain racking systems by a process of inspection and risk assessment in accordance to current standards and health and safety legislation.  The course is classroom based and includes a series of individual and group activities with sessions of multiple choice question papers and practical assessments.  Further information on training can be sought by contacting [email protected] or please give us a call on 01388 779111 today!

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