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Pallet Racking Accessories & Protection

Before ordering your pallet racking, you should really consider maintenance. If the racking is operated according to the guidelines, it should be relatively maintenance free. Just keep it clean. Note though that there will be regular inspections. These will particularly be on the lookout for any damage to the racking. You also may need to consider Pallet Racking Accessories for the protection of your racking.

Any damage to racking will reduce its load bearing capacity. Damage that alters the shape of any part of the racking, including bolts/pins, or any breakages in welds should be replaced straight away. Get in touch with us and we can help!

How to Prevent Pallet Racking Damage?

There are several pallet racking accessories that can certainly help prevent damage to your racking system.

Pallet racking protection accessories aren’t essential. However, we’ve seen accidents happen many times where substantial damage is done to the racking system that could have been prevented with some inexpensive accessories.

Once the system is damaged parts will need replaced and you’ll likely need an expert to come out and fit these new parts for you. This can be costly. So, pallet racking protection accessories help you stay safe in the long run.

Pallet Racking Accessories for Protection

Pallet Racking Frame Column Guard – protection from truck collisions.

Racking Crash Barrier – safety step around the end of the racking run

Pallet Support Bar – helps with load capacity.

Back Stop Beam – ensures pallets do not fall from behind the racking.

Fork Clearance Bar – enables clearance below pallets for easy forklift access.

Guide Rails – allows forklift control while moving through the racking aisles.

Racking Frame Row Spacer – ensures sufficient space between two rows of racking placed back to back.

Chipboard Support Bar – reinforce and maximise the capacity of chipboard panels

Pallet Racking Accessories

Other Pallet Racking Accessories

Pallet Racking Chipboard Panels – inexpensive sheet racking.

Racking Drum Chock – enables drums to be stored horizontally.

Racking Coil Cradle – holds drums in place.

Mesh Shelves – for storing individual and palletised items.

Post Pallet Channels– for pallets with feet or mesh material.

Get in Touch with Advanced Handling & Storage

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