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Locking Pins – What’s the Problem?

Locking Pins – Are these designed to break in the event of a pallet on a lower level being lifted to high and putting pressure on the cross member below?

In short – YES! They are designed as shear pins. The SEMA code of practice requires a minimum upwards shear of 0.5 tonne through most manufacturers products perform somewhere between 0.5 tonne and 1 tonne.

Given that most trucks can exert an upwards force substantially more than this, the idea is to allow the beam to pop out if this force is applie3d accidentally. It is intended that the resulting accident will be limited to the collapse of a couple of pallets.

If the beam does not dislodge the result will be to destroy the upright in the vicinity of the connector which can result in a whole upright collapsing which in turn results in all the beams in that bay coming falling and rotating against the next upright down the aisle causing this to also collapse and so on. The ultimate result can be a chain reaction collapse along a full run of racking which is not at all desirable.

Hence unless absolutely necessary the manufacturers connectors locks should be used and nut and bolt substitutions for missing connectors are not recommended.

When you buy beams from Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd you always get beam locks for free anyway! We also supply new and second hand beam locks at great prices! Check them out on eBay of give us a call and we can advise on stock levels.

Locking Pins

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