Open Boarded Timber Decking for Pallet Racking, Pallet Racking Accessories

Pallet Racking Accessories We Have Available

In addition to providing bespoke pallet racking solutions tailored to you specific requirements, our team of storage experts are also committed to proving great aftersales support. As well as offering rack inspections, we also provide a wide range of pallet racking accessories designed to help you get more from your storage set-up. Our pallet racking protection products minimise damage and increase the longevity of your storage system.

All of our racking products are manufactured in the UK and are carefully installed by SEIRS accredited experts, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a top-quality and durable product. However, to further extend the functionality and lifespan of your storage system, we offer a series of pallet racking accessories and racking protection products. See below for more details on all of our pallet accessories.

Available Pallet Racking Accessories

Run Spacers– maintains a fixed safety clearance between double sided runs of racking.

Bolted Joining Beams – connects frames vertically and ensures strength is fully maintained at the joints. Allows beams to be located up to the joint.

Frame Footplates – give stability and allows racking to be bolted to the floor. A choice of four duties available.

Pallet Foot Support – used in pairs across beams to support box or caged pallets that have corner posts, skids or feet.

Fork Spacer – used in pairs across beams to provide fork entry spaces, while providing support for and access to non-palletised loads.

Drum Chock – sits on the front beam and cradles one end of a drum or barrel. Keeps cylindrical items secure and prevents rolling.

Coil Cradle – spans beams to provide location and support for coiled materials or cylindrical items.

Steel Shelf Panels – sit on beams and provide wide-bay steel shelving.

Shelf Support – fitted to stepped beams to provide additional pallet racking protection as well as  greater loading capacity for chipboard shelving.

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Safety Accessories Available

Column Protector – minimises the force of forklift truck impact to racking upright.

Upright Protectors – protect the lower section of the XL uprights against fork truck collision damage. Available in U-shaped or right-angled configurations.

Rack End Protector – provides racking protection to the ends of the racking. Also available as a barrier rail with support posts to protect equipment and walkways.

Load Notices – display caution and loading/safety information relating to pallet racking usage clearly.

Guide Rails – allow safe and accurate guidance for trucks operating within racking, particularly in drive-in or narrow aisle applications.

Anti-Collapse Screens – fitted for safety and the security of palletised loads. Often fitted where a walkway or working area is adjacent to racking.

Open Boarded Timber Decking for Pallet Racking, Pallet Racking Accessories

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