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The Right Time to Use Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet racking is ideal for most warehouses given its versatility, strength and composition. The Interlake Mecalux Selective Pallet Rack offers total accessibility to your entire product line, swiftly and efficiently. As one the most popular warehouse racking systems in the world, this racking system works with a large variety of product types.

Advantages of Selective Pallet Racking

There are several reasons that selective pallet rack is so popular. Aside from its durability, it also offers a wide variety of options in layout and access. Combined together, these features make the racking useful in many different industries.

Easy to install

Accommodates moving beams to different levels for diverse pallet sizes

Easy to configure

Made for high density storage

Product is accessed efficiently

Product can be moved or restocked quickly

Selective Pallet Racking

Best Uses

Selective pallet racking is best used in warehouses where product moves quickly in and out of the warehouse in larger quantities.  This type of racking provides easy accessibility to product at all times, an important feature in quick turnover operations. Product can be loaded, picked, stocked and unloaded quickly and safely with the right equipment, such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

Another time to use selective pallet racking is in “big-box” distribution situations. Once again, the simplicity of the racking and its versatility allows for creative storing options, the ability to relocate based on stock levels, and the opportunity to adjust the shelving to accommodate new product when it arrives in the warehouse or on the floor.

You can also use selective pallet racking in retail inventory rooms, wholesale stores, cold storage and any other warehouse environment that is not only for storage but for transient items that are constantly picked and replenished. Accessories like roller channels and drum cradles make the racks useful for more than just pallets or boxes.

It is an excellent option for warehouse environments in which limited space is an issue. Its adaptability allows the warehouse manager to customize for different loads.  Selective pallet racking is also strong and reliable, able to handle larger loads and act as a supporting wall for the building when positioned correctly instead of around poles and other infrastructure.

Layout Options

When determining your layout, consider how many locations you need or SKUs you are going to store. Then think of about quantity of the SKU with size and weight as secondary considerations.  If you have a large quantity of a SKU but limited number of product types, a double deep system provides the necessary space to store such quantities. If you have several different SKUs but a limited number of products in each, then a single deep system is optimum for quick accessibility and easy inventory.

Manufactured with high quality steel and raw materials, warehouse and operations managers can confidently utilize selective pallet racking for many years. Its open sides help with temperature control and visibility. Adding the racking can increase productivity of your warehouse personnel, maximize storage space and improve safety.

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