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I have been led to believe that the horizontal brace at the base of a frame should be between 150mm – 300mm, is this a recommendation or is there a tolerance to what height they have to be as this was not a SEMA document? We are using bolted racking that is bolted to the floor front and rear with a maximum of four beams per frame. Out maximum load capacity would be 6 tonnes when fully laden.


It sounds as if you might be getting in to very deep water here so we would urge the utmost caution,.

Different manufacturers of racking specify different floor to first horizontal bracing dimensions and while the 150 to 300mm is usual, this does vary between the manufacturers and can also vary depending on the upright that the particular manufacturer is using in a particular set of circumstances.

The strength of an upright is calculated depending on where this and the other frames bracing’s join the upright together with the position of the support beams in a particular installation so variation from manufacturers specification on any of those can have a serious effect on carrying capacity.

As you are a rack repair specialist we would recommend you obtain the specification from the particular manufacturer for the product you are maintaining and do not deviate from this recommendation without getting their specific approval of what you are doing and a written statement from them on what the revised carrying capacity would be.

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