Mezzanine Flooring, New Mezzanine Flooring, Used Mezzanine Flooring

New and Second Hand Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine Flooring – A Great Addition

Mezzanine Flooring is a great addition to every business! They can completely utilise the otherwise useless space above to add more space whether that be for storage, break out areas or offices!

We offer new and second hand mezzanine floors which can be completely tailored to suit your requirements.

Did you know that when you but a second hand mezzanine floor from us you can save up to almost 40% compared to the price of new! Why wouldn’t you want to save money whilst enjoying the benefits of a mezzanine floor?!

Mezzanine flooring is completely moveable so once you buy one you can take it with you if you ever decide to move premises. This means that they are a flexible solution and can grow as the business grows.

You can also add to an existing mezzanine floor therefore increasing the floor size if you ever need to.

This sort of solution is hailed for its flexibility and efficiency in all working environments.

Mezzanine flooring is also a great solution for a customer facing business as they can be finished to an extremely high standard which you can be proud of!

Why not get in touch to find out if a mezzanine will suit you and to see our second hand stock!

Mezzanine Flooring, New Mezzanine Flooring, Used Mezzanine Flooring

Get in Touch with Advanced Handling & Storage

If you want to maximise your warehouse space through the use of a second hand or new mezzanine floor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0800 345 7088 or send an email to [email protected]

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