Pallet Racking Installation, Warehouse Storage

Ways to Master Your Warehouse Storage…

Advanced Handling & Storage Ltd is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of second hand pallet racking. Established in 1996, we supply some of the UK’s largest companies with new and second hand warehouse storage solutions to help solve their storage problems.

Today we are going to share some top tips on improving your warehouse storage space…

Make The Most of the Space You Have Already Got

Most businesses can reclaim valuable space by making more efficient use of what’s already there. This can mean rearranging the floorplan, but also making the most of vertical space by introducing efficient stacking systems.

Expanding upwards instead of outwards means that you can fit more products and materials in the same amount of floor space. It can also save on distance travelled – and therefore time – for warehouse operatives and product some smart planning and investment can generate new space without a costly move or expansion.

Invest in Stocking and Nesting

Basic storage can be rigid in form restrictive; however by investing in the right products that can stack and nest, you can protect your goods whilst making efficient use of valuable warehouse space.

Smart Organisation for Warehouse Storage

Warehousing can often mean striking a balance between keeping products together but separate. We recommend a colour-coded stacking solution to make it easier to segregate goods and make things easier to locate.

Pallet Racking Installation, Warehouse Storage

Factor in Manoeuvrability

Smart storage requires accessibility, meaning goods and products must be as easily moved as stored.

Stay Safe!

The most important aspect of any stacking and storage is safety. Always ensure you keep up to date with legislation and never be tempted to cut corners. For example, manual handling regulations have maximum height and weight requirements and the risks are of non-compliance are fines and reputational damage and injury … or worse to your workforce!

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