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What to Consider When Purchasing Pallet Racking

Commercial racking is essential for storing goods in warehouses. It allows you to create order, maximise storage space and ensure your goods reach customers in a timely fashion and in good condition. When choosing the correct pallet racking system, there are many factors to consider, and here are six of the most important.

Available Space

You may not have much space available in your warehouse, and you may therefore want to make the most out of it. Choosing a racking system that is designed specifically for your space can help you to increase storage density, so this is one of the first things you must consider.

Size of Pallets

The size of the pallets that you will be storing is another of the key considerations. The system must be designed specifically with the pallets in mind, taking account of the largest pallets that you will be storing.

Handling Equipment

How will the racking be accessed? Whether you use reach trucks, forklift trucks or any other types of lifting vehicles, this will affect your choice of racking and needs to be taken into account.

New or Used

You can buy racking new, or you could save some money and buy a used racking system. The choice is often dependent on your budget and the amount of time you need the racking system for.

A new pallet racking system will be designed specifically for your warehouse and pallets, and it will be in perfect condition when it is installed, but it will cost more.

If you do decide to save money by investing in a used racking system, make sure you only buy the system from a reputable provider and that all the necessary safety checks have been made.


Safety always has to be the main consideration whenever you purchase a racking system. Always ensure you use a reputable provider and that the racking arrives in perfect condition and is installed by experts. You should also enquire about various safety features, and make sure it is inspected every six months.

Type of Racking System

There are many types of racking systems available, and you will have to decide upon the right one for you. This is often where a specialist racking service can be useful.

Single-deep systems are the most common, and these provide systems that are one pallet deep for low-density storage. Then you have double-deep systems, where one pallet is stored behind another in a rack, and you will need a reach truck to access these.

Push-back systems store up to five loads from each side of the aisle, allowing for additional storage of pallets, and drive-in racking systems allow for very dense storage.

You also have other systems like gravity flow, cantilever, live storage, and shuttle racking systems, so it is essential that your provider can assist you on choosing the right system for your warehouse.

Pallet Racking in Kelso, Pallet Racking, Second Hand Pallet Racking North, Second Hand Pallet Racking North East, Second Hand Pallet Racking North East, Second Hand Pallet Racking County Durham, Second Hand Pallet Racking UK

Research the Right Racking System for Your Company

A pallet racking system is so important for your warehouse, and although it is one of the most basic requirements, it is essential to the smooth running of your operation. Make sure you carry out research not only on suppliers but on the type of racking systems available, and always get expert advice before deciding on the system for you.

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