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Five Helpful Tips To Create An Ideal Pallet Racking System

Whether you have a large industrial warehouse with more space than you could ever need, or you have to budget the space you have and use innovative storage solutions to be able to keep backstock, materials or other products ready when your business needs them, a pallet racking system can be a very useful storage solution tool. A pallet racking system will enable you to store more products using less floor space, organise your inventory more effectively and become more efficient at picking inventory for your production needs.

Every warehouse is unique, and every business has different needs when it comes to their storage and order fulfilment processes. Depending on your inventory and your order flow, you might find yourself in need of a pallet racking system that is custom tailored to your specific needs. If you are new to pallet racking systems, keep reading for some helpful tips that can help you create the ideal warehouse pallet racking system.

Storage Density

If you need more storage space, using deep lane storage solutions such as drive-in, drive-thru, and push back racks can be the solution. Cantilever racks are also available for hard to store items.


If you need FIFO (first in first out) products or materials, consider pallet flow racks or selective pallet racking which can provide direct access to any pallet in your stock.

Picking Profile

By creating a rack system optimised for picking profiles, you can access products by the piece, case or entire pallet easier and more efficiently.

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Rack Decking

When adding more pallet rack systems to increase your storage, you can benefit by also adding rack decking which can provide further stability and help stabilise products and pallets on the load beams.

Forklift Access

For warehouses where forklifts are used for load picking and racking, aisle width can be extremely important. The lift truck type determines the aisle width needed and occupational safety procedures should always be followed to ensure lift truck have easy and safe access to pallets without affecting employees or customers.

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